CENA kitchens are crafted from premium materials, precision engineered by our expert craftsmen in the United Kingdom.


CENA‘s consultation and design process puts the customer at the centre of the process, so that the end result can be totally bespoke, engineered and crafted to their exact requirements. For those who are looking for a ‘off the shelf’ kitchen layout, or perhaps some design inspiration, the CENA outdoor kitchen layouts will aid your though processes.

A deep understanding of a professional kitchen workflow and mis-en-place underpins the design principles of a CENA kitchen, ensuring that the person using the kitchen spends less time walking and more time cooking thanks to the placement of features in relative locations. Using key design fundamentals such as counter height and depth CENA ensures the kitchen feels natural and ergonomic and can offer a series of standard sizes as below. Personal choice is important however, so these are not definitive and can be customised on request.

One of CENA’s overriding principles is that the chef enjoys the party so our designers have allowed for a free-standing island unit that can either face the guests or the reverse – the choice is yours, space allowing of course.


Straight run

One of our American grill units will dominate a 1200mm cabinet so by introducing a secondary cabinet we can offer an array of additional features, and/ or a larger preparation or social surface.

The secondary cabinet can either free float and simply provide more counter top space, or you can make more of the space and house a sink and a fridge, a side burner and a fridge or a side burner and a sink (although this latter option would leave no standing space.

The Grill unit has ample space underneath to house a gas bottle alongside, crockery and cookware.


2400mm Straight run with an 2000mm return (either left or right hand)

The main module remains the grill and a secondary unit to house sink, fridge, burner, bin, etc or a combination thereof.

The return can either house more features and storage, or simply be a free-floating counter top to chop, chat, lean and enjoy your surroundings.


2400mm Straight run with left and right hand 2000mm return.

At this point the decision becomes what else can you fit in – including the kitchen sink – all of our features can be incorporated with plenty of counter space for pleasure and for preparation.

Plenty of space within the kitchen means more people can help by preparing the salads or serving the rosé.

Custom options

Without the constraints of an indoor kitchen there are a myriad of options, mostly defined by ergonomics, work flow and space but if you have a landscaping design you are considering, a designer already in motion, please contact CENA to see how we can help. Projects include horseshoe outdoor kitchens, kitchens in-built within a garden building, poolside kitchens and more.



CENA outdoor kitchens are available in a wide range of custom finishes, with our design team selecting material for their quality, longevity, beauty and provenance.

Welsh Slate

Slate is a characterful choice for an outdoor kitchen surface, with the subtle ripples and texture of the surface breathing life into the smooth, dark appearance that contrasts so well with the warm tones of cedar. CENA uses Welsh slate sealed to protect it from tarnishing and when looked after properly, this material will stand the test of time – as evidenced by its use in roofing for centuries.


From classic Italian marble to mysterious Far Eastern varieties few materials can match the raw beauty of this material and the drama provided by its incredible natural veining. Marble is available in a vast array of swatches and styles to suit any design scheme, whilst its volcanic origins lend it durability that makes it a solid investment you will enjoy for many years to come.

Glass Reinforced


Used in some of the world’s most prestigious building projects, glass reinforced concrete (GRC for short) is a versatile material which offers a high strength-to-weight ratio thanks to the addition of fibre to the concrete mix. GRC is moulded in its liquid state to create repeating form components, or totally unique structures such as waves or curved shapes, both available in a range of finishes and making it ideal for modular or entirely custom kitchens.


Cedar is considered a CENA classic thanks to its beautifully warm amber hue when oiled, and its exceptional durability. Cedar must be carefully sourced to ensure the densest possible grain, aiding machining and longevity, and can be oiled annually or left to pale away to a subtle natural grey tone.

Other Timbers

Wood is an incredibly versatile material, offering a choice of colours and textures while ensuring your CENA kitchen blends seamlessly with the natural elements of your garden. CENA sources premium English oak, Sapele and Iroko (a popular replacement for ever-scarcer teak) to craft outdoor kitchens for a myriad of tastes.


Aluminium allows a precision of engineering that cannot always be replicated with natural materials, making it the ideal foundation for a CENA outdoor kitchen. CENA craftsmen take the raw aluminium and apply CAD designs and CNC machining to create replicating components that are hand-crafted into modular cabinets that will stand the test of time, no matter what the weather conditions outside.

The Choice is Yours

In order to offer a truly bespoke outdoor kitchen and the widest possible choice for our clients we are always looking for new materials to incorporate. Our ability to work seamlessly with outside experts means we can introduce an ever-wider range of materials and crafts to deliver something breathtaking and unique. Contact CENA with your ideas so we can create your ideal outdoor kitchen.


& Installation

CENA’s consultation and installation process aims to deliver your outdoor kitchen on time and exactly as you imagined it. We pride ourselves on precise project management, one-to-one service and unrivalled knowledge of what it takes to deliver an outdoor kitchen. You will benefit from our free consultation and expert designers at the beginning of the project, and our team of expert craftsmen, who cut their teeth fitting superyachts, as your kitchen takes shape.

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Whether you want to smoke, rotisserie, grill, slow roast or sauté your ingredients a CENA kitchen enables you to cook with passion out into the open air.

Clever innovations such as multi-zone temperature controls, smoke boxes, and back burners allow you to effortlessly create all your favourite dishes, from simple family favourites to complex culinary creations.


& Fittings

The CENA approach means that we offer a choice in every component of your outdoor kitchen. Only the most cutting-edge and precision engineered fixtures and fittings are selected, to ensure your CENA kitchen meets our high standards of exceptional longevity and a beautiful finish.


CENA has selected two of America’s leading grill manufacturers, Fire Magic and Napoleon Grills, due to their ongoing commitment to excellence and their market-leading warranties. Their grills are engineered from stainless steel and are available in larger sizes than competitors’ products, making cooking for even big dinner parties a breeze.

CENA grill features include multi-zone temperature controls, multi-functional heat sources, infra-red, back burners, charcoal inserts and sear plates.

Side burners

Again, sourced from our preferred suppliers Napoleon and Fire Magic, the CENA outdoor kitchen side burners are available as single or double burners, depending on your layout and cooking requirements.

Engineered from stainless steel with brass burners, side burner units can either be flush mounted within the counter top or utilise front mounted control panels to give you greater control while you cook.


A fridge is an essential element of any CENA outdoor kitchen, allowing you to cook with fresh ingredients at your fingertips whilst keeping those all-important drinks ice cold. CENA have chosen Nauticool Marine’s premium quality fridge range, renowned in the yacht world for their style and durability, and can offer a wide choice of options to suit your design and budget including undercounter, drawer and top loading fridges.


Whether washing your hands, topping up an ice maker or cooking vegetables a sink gives you the final edge when cooking outdoors. CENA is not tied to a material or a manufacturer, giving us more flexibility to work to design or specification. From an undermount stainless steel sink to a single-piece concrete counter top with integrated sink - the choice is yours.