The CENA Glass-Reinforced Concrete Kitchen can be built in one of four layouts. These layouts, in our professional opinion, are the best tried and tested designs for an outdoor kitchen. Utilising our understanding of a professional kitchen workflow, we ensure that the person using the kitchen spends less time walking and more time cooking thanks to the careful placement of features. 

Using key design fundamentals such as counter height and depth, CENA ensures the kitchen feels natural and ergonomic. Personal choice is of course still incredibly important, so the kitchen materials and finishes are completely customisable. One of CENA’s overriding principles is that the chef gets to enjoy the party too, so our designers have allowed for a free-standing kitchen unit that can either face the guests or the reverse.

Straight Run Left Return

2400mm Straight run with an 2000mm return (either left or right hand)

Straight Run

One of our American grill units will dominate a 1200mm cabinet so by introducing a secondary cabinet, we can offer an array of additional features, and/ or a larger preparation or social surface.

The secondary cabinet can either free float and provide more counter top space, or you can make more of the space and house a sink and a fridge, a side burner and a fridge or a side burner and a sink (although this latter option would leave no standing space).

The grill unit has ample space underneath to house a gas bottle alongside, crockery and cookware.

Straight Run Right Return

2400mm Straight run with an 2000mm return (either left or right hand)






Side Burner


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Glass Reinforced

Concrete Kitchens

Used in some of the world’s most prestigious building projects, glass-reinforced concrete (GRC for short) is a versatile material which offers a high strength-to-weight ratio thanks to the addition of fibre to the concrete mix. GRC is moulded in its liquid state to create repeating form components, or to mould totally unique structures such as waves or curved shapes, both available in a range of finishes. This versatility makes GRC ideal for modular or entirely custom outdoor kitchens.

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Black Granite




Grey Granite

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Crystal Fleck

Matt Concrete


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