CENA’s consultation and design process puts the customer at the centre of the process, so that the end result will be totally bespoke, engineered and crafted to your exact requirements. If you are looking for outdoor kitchen design inspiration, the CENA kitchen layouts below will spark your creativity. 

A deep understanding of a professional kitchen workflow and mis-en-place underpins the design principles of a CENA kitchen, ensuring that the person using the kitchen spends less time walking and more time cooking thanks to the placement of features in relative locations. Using key design fundamentals such as counter height and depth CENA ensures the kitchen feels natural and ergonomic. 

One of CENA’s overriding principles is that the chef must enjoy the party as much as the guests, so our designers have allowed for a free-standing island unit that can either face the guests or the reverse – the choice is yours. 

Straight run

One of our American grill units will dominate a 1200mm cabinet so by introducing a secondary cabinet we can offer an array of additional features, and/or a larger preparation or social surface.

The secondary cabinet can either free-float and provide more counter top space, or you can make more of the space and house a sink and a fridge, a side burner and a fridge or a side burner and a sink (although this latter option would leave no standing space).

The Grill unit has ample space underneath to house a gas bottle alongside, crockery and cookware.


2400mm straight run with an 2000mm return (either left or right hand)

The main module remains the grill and a secondary unit then houses a sink, fridge, burner, bin, etc or a combination thereof.

The return can either house more features and storage, or simply be a free-floating counter top to chop, chat, lean and enjoy your surroundings.


2400mm Straight run with left and right hand 2000mm return.

At this point the decision becomes what else can you fit in – including the kitchen sink! All of our features can be incorporated with plenty of counter space for relaxing food preparation.

Plenty of space within the kitchen means more people can help by preparing the salads or serving the rosé...

Curved Kitchen

7500mm Curved on the outside kitchen.

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CENA outdoor kitchens are available in a wide range of custom finishes, with our design team selecting materials for their quality, longevity, beauty and provenance.

Glass Reinforced

Concrete Kitchens

Used in some of the world’s most prestigious building projects, glass-reinforced concrete (GRC for short) is a versatile material which offers a high strength-to-weight ratio thanks to the addition of fibre to the concrete mix. GRC is moulded in its liquid state to create repeating form components, or totally unique structures such as waves or curved shapes, both available in a range of finishes and making it ideal for modular or entirely custom kitchens.

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Black Granite




Grey Granite

Choose your finish

Crystal fleck



Timber Kitchens

Wood is an incredibly versatile material, offering a choice of colours and textures while ensuring your CENA kitchen blends seamlessly with the natural elements of your garden. CENA sources premium English oak, Sapele and Iroko (a popular replacement for ever-scarcer teak) to craft outdoor kitchens for a myriad of tastes.

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Metal Kitchens

Our metal range allows a precision of engineering that cannot always be replicated with natural materials, making it the ideal foundation for a CENA outdoor kitchen. CENA craftsmen take either raw aluminium, stainless steel or powder-coated aluminium and apply CAD designs and CNC machining to create replicating components. These are hand-crafted into modular cabinets that will stand the test of time, no matter what the weather conditions outside.

Brushed aluminium provides a contemporary finish, while stainless steel mirrors the most professional kitchens and powder-coated aluminium can be finished in any colour.

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Brushed aluminium

Stainless Steel

Powder Coated aluminium



Dekton is a stylish and high-quality product that is incredibly hard-wearing. A sophisticated blend of raw materials including quartz, porcelain, and glass that's been “sinterised” — intensely heated and compacted — Dekton is very strong and well suited for outdoor use.

An outdoor kitchen, certainly in the United Kingdom, requires certain design considerations to withstand our unpredictable climate. These considerations will include resistance to freezing and thawing, UV light, abrasions, and scratching and staining. Dekton can do this whilst maintaining its colour stability and being entirely flameproof.

Dekton is a great choice for outdoor kitchen countertops and is also available for sure with some door and fascia options. Dekton is cut as two pieces for an L shape kitchen and one single cut piece for a straight run kitchen.



HI-MACS is a high quality product crafted from a blend of acrylic, minerals and natural pigments. It creates a smooth, non-porous surface that is a first-class choice for material performance, functionality and hygiene.

Outdoor kitchens installed the United Kingdom need be hard-wearing, resistant to stains and easy to clean thanks to the unpredictable climate. HI-MACS is a non-porous product, so it doesn't absorb dirt and can even be cleaned with mild detergent.

Available in seven single colours of a two-tone combination of them, HI-MACS is an excellent choice for countertops and is also available for some door and fascia options.


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Components options


Side Burners

Wood-fired Pizza Ovens

Induction Hobs

Fridge Freezers


Make it your own

Range of Extras

If you’re looking for something completely unique, why not explore the range of extras we can offer for your CENA outdoor kitchen…

Bridging elements

Chassis cladding




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