CENA’s foremost passion is for cooking in the great outdoors. That’s why we spend our days creating outdoor kitchens that enable our customers to create their favourite meals in the tranquil and relaxing surroundings of their garden.

This week it is National BBQ Week, a 7-day celebration of everything that’s brilliant about cooking in the open air in the UK. CENA’s outdoor kitchens might be super-luxe and scaled-up versions of the humble BBQ, but we’re still very much part of the outdoor grilling tribe, and so we ‘re delighted to share some of the key statistics around National BBQ Week.


The latest BBQing statistics

It turns out the BBQing is the UK’s number one summer leisure activity, with 3 out of every 4 households owning a BBQ of some kind of their own and an estimated 137million BBQs taking place in 2018. Perhaps the wonderful weather we had last summer contributed to a BBQ buzz, but that is still an enormous amount of outdoor grilling! As a result, the BBQ economy is now worth £1.6billion


BBQ versus dinner party

So, what about the behaviour patterns around choosing to cook and eat alfresco? It seems that cooking outside is becoming more casual and not as pre-planned as it used to be, with people enjoying an impromptu BBQ when the all-important weather plays ball. BBQs are still viewed as a treat, with 33% of people likening a simple BBQ to a full dinner party for entertainment value.


The rise and rise of outdoor kitchens

If you truly love cooking in the great outdoors and welcoming your friends to join you for an alfresco meal, then scaling up your outdoor cooking might well be on your wish list. 5% of UK households now have some type of outdoor kitchen, a step up from the simple charcoal BBQs of the past. Why not take a look at our social media to see some of our very latest installations and start dreaming about your perfect outdoor kitchen?