Outdoor living is no longer the preserve of those in warmer climates. The UK is now embracing the possibilities of alfresco living, so an outdoor kitchen is only a part of the project!

Creating a multi-functional living space in your garden is not a new concept, but it is an idea that is gaining momentum. In the UK, we spend so much of the autumn and winter months indoors but when the warmth and sunshine returns, we want more space to live in nature. Green spaces and fresh air make us feel positive, well-rested and re-energised, so making the most of your garden is the answer.

A combination of an outdoor kitchen, seating area, garden room and gazebo helps to separate areas in the garden and add an element of surprise to your landscape, no matter what size it is.

Our passion at CENA is creating the perfect environment for your outdoor kitchen project. We work with you to design a beautiful outdoor living space taking into account the following:


Patios provide stable footing for cooking and eating areas, while planting provides the backdrop to your kitchen. Make yours stand out and wow your guests as they arrive.


It is likely that you might have a party or two and need music! There is plenty to consider to ensure it is positioned correctly, will deliver the quality and volume required and is suitable for outdoor use.

Lighting & Heating

As the warm sun sets and the party continues, do you need lighting and heating on hand? It's worth it to keep guests warm and ensure they can carry on enjoying the wine and conversation.


The UK climate can, at times, make it difficult to plan a soiree with a sunshine guarantee. Pergolas lend you the confidence that you can deliver all your summer dining outside.

Canopy & Sail Shades

Some outdoor areas can be exposed to prevailing winds and direct sun. Canopies and sun shades can be placed to ensure that those who like to avoid the sun, often the youngest and oldest in the family, are kept happy too.

Garden Rooms

A garden room offers extra space to hideaway and relax, socialise or even store more outdoor living equipment!

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