An outdoor kitchen makes cooking up a storm in the open air effortless. It should be possible for the owner to fire up the grill and crack on with cooking whenever they feel like it. That’s especially important in the UK where our changeable weather means warm sunshine can be elusive. That’s why at CENA we go to considerable effort to ensure the design and placement of our kitchens means their owners can use them with minimal preparation and fuss. We also carefully select materials not only for their provenance but also their durability and weatherproofing. One of the most noticeable elements of the kitchen is the worktop.

The hard working countertop

It’s used for preparing food and drinks, might be leaned on by guests propped up at the counter to enjoy a drink and it is exposed to the elements. We always tell our customers to consider durability and hygiene first when they are selecting a countertop material. Whatever type of food you like to cook, the chances are it will be assaulted with grease, oil, water and acidic foods (such as lemon juice and mustard) as well as UV light, frost and rain. You will also want to be able to clean the countertop with an antibacterial spray or wipe to remove anything from birds, snails and other common garden wildlife which might decide to take a closer look at the kitchen. So which materials do we recommend for outdoor kitchen countertops?

Polished perfection

A polished counter is always a very popular choice with CENA customers. They look superb when clean and buffed to a shine, but water marks and leaf residue will stand out. That’s especially true on a darker surface. For that reason, we make sure we show people a matt or low sheen finish as well as the high shine versions.

Granite is probably the most popular polished outdoor kitchen countertops material we use. That’s because it’s cost-effective, highly durable and easy to clean.
You could also consider stainless steel, but be aware it may scratch and that will really spoil the aesthetic. If you’ve been in a commercial kitchen with stainless steel worktops, just remember how they look after lots of work! If you do go for stainless steel we recommend you choose a brushed finish. This will be easier to keep clean and it will stay looking good for longer.

Composite compromise?

There are so many smart and composite materials now available to UK customers. They have been developed for everything from building cladding to indoor kitchen counters, and work well for an outdoor kitchen too. They include Dekton, HI-MACS and Corian, to name just three popular choices. These composites deliver the look of other materials, such as marble or stone, but are lighter, weather resistant and often more robust. There is a range of options on the market which can create almost any look or feel you like.

If you would like to chat to us about any aspect of outdoor kitchen design, including countertops, drop us a line. Our design team is happy to help and we offer a free design consultation for those interested in our kitchens.