At CENA we want to ensure that your time and energy is well invested, so make the process of choosing the configuration, features, and materials of your kitchen as straightforward and succinct as possible. CENA offers a free consultation to all our customers so that from the earliest stage your dream kitchen is engineered to meet your personal taste and requirements.



CENA will take you through the process of deciding on the layout and configuration to suit your cooking, lifestyle and entertaining ideals, and the materials that suit the design of your existing or planned outdoor spaces.

CENA can work alongside garden designers, lending their expert eye to ensure that the kitchen is best placed to take advantage of aspect, shelter and topography, if necessary taking into account the seating area and cover. This process means that your CENA kitchen will quickly become the perfect place to eat, drink and relax in your garden.



Factors such as access to plumbing and electricity and existing landscaping will all influence the build and quite possibly the final location of the CENA kitchen. CENA will survey your site to assess the proposed site and then advise and guide you to the perfect placement.


How to plan an outdoor kitchen

Looking for more guidance on planning your outdoor kitchen, take a look at CENA's guide to planning and making the most of your outdoor living space.

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